Such A Revelry...

wobble-dy wobble-dy wo wobble wobble!
Ass. ass. ass. Bon Iver Stan. 21 y/o na bisaya na up student.


A huge congrats to Orange Is The New Black for their 2014 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series and so much more…

Outstanding Comedy Series
Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series - 2014 - Written by Liz Friedman, Jenji Kohan
Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series - 2014 - Jodie Foster
Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series - 2014 - Taylor Schilling
Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series - 2014 - Uzo Aduba, Laverne Cox, Natasha Lyonne

There is truth to stereotypes, but this does not mean that somebody should feel pressured to follow one because it’s what society says they should do. A christian gay does not have to become agnostic. A femme does not have to become butch just to be seen as a lesbian (an issue known as Femme Invisibility). A masculine straight girl should not have to prove that she is straight by becoming feminine!

Stereotypes are not a tool for you to find out somebody’s sexuality or gender identity. 

Let me just emphasize this.

"A masculine straight girl should not have to prove that she is straight by becoming feminine!"

And can I just add that shipping LGBTQ ships also does not make you gay. ugh. I hate stereotypes. 

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Got my heartbroken but at least BRITTANA is Endgame eh!

I achieved a new life experience today. 

I never really understood heartache/break as people described it to be. The part when for a moment your world stops and then suddenly, waterworks! That’s exactly what I felt the moment he told me, he’s dating one of my closest friends. 

Let me give you a background. I had this friend from high school. Lanky, but oddly cute. We were close. We were like bros. and that’s exactly the problem. I was in the friend/bro-zone early in the game. Then I started to like him. He’s cool. Then we went to the same university. Remained close friends. And I never got the courage to tell him about my feelings. So 7 years after I realized I liked him, here I am, still in the friendzone. My feelings remained. But I tried real hard to suppress it. I was just kinda hoping it will all go away cause there is no chance he’ll ever like me back. Plus I never really got to experience other people. I’m just not into that flirting game, meeting new people, and all that jazz. And tbh, I kinda accepted that We will never be a thing.

But then, he suddenly PM’ed me in facebook. Telling me he had to tell me something. That he and my friend were a thing now.

And then it all happened. My world stopped. My heart ached. I cried for like 20 mins straight. It all dawned on me. I really did love him. I thought it was just a silly puppy love. I even thought I was incapable of such thing [loving]. So I’m human after all. LOL.

So yah, THAT HAPPENED. Awkward. But then again, we can’t really chose who we love. It’s just that I was not that person for him. I loved him but he does not love me romantically. Never did and probably never will.

Now I think after listening to Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny love’ and version of ‘I can’t make you love me’, Adele’s ‘someone like you’ and all those fucking depressing songs I used to listen to but can’t reaaly relate to, I can finally say I’m moving on! FOR REALZ.

I’M MOVING ON! (now say it over and over again until you feel it in your bones) 

On a positive note, at least now, when people talk about love and heartaches, I can honestly say “I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL”. So yeah. Now I’m gonna read fluffy Brittana fanfics to feel better. Coz yeah, Brittana is ENDGAME! at least I have that. AHHAHA!